New Panties
June 7, 2012
Diaper Lover
June 8, 2012

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It’s cuddle time my little sweet ABie. I know you like it when Mommy is very gentle with you during our time together. Sometimes it is difficult to be an Adult Babie in this hard world. Mommy Gina understands that you need a place to escape; a place to be honest and open and enjoy your AB/DL fetish.


Well you have found that place right here my little abie.


Mommy Gina understands adult babies and their needs and their need to enjoy their adult baby and diaper lover fetish and explain in detail all of the little things in their lives. So whether you are an adult baby, a diaper lover or a sissy maid, Mommy Gina understands, so cuddle up on mommy’s lap and I will become your AB/DL safe Haven.



Mommy Gina


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