Diaper Teased
August 7, 2012
Diaper Fetish
August 9, 2012

dommev ABDL Blog

Mistress Veronika has a big red bdsm nursery for the little ones. I am a very avid fetish artist and my voice can tempt more desire than u even know u had so u will never be the same after a session with me.

I practice a a level of domination where I take very much interest in the little details of making your diaper a bit too tight,making sure you have absolutely

no other choice but to bow down before your sultry mistress and stay in that messy diaper like the whiny whipped little diaper slave you are.

I will be your Mistress Mommy if you can handle me I will turn your world inside out and make you beg for the release of my hold but that is just not gonna happen Mistress V will put a spell on you!

Have you the diapered balls to deal with me?

Blindfolds and clamps XXX



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