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August 9, 2012
Mutual Diaper play
August 12, 2012

diaper fetish with gina ABDL Blog

Hello, boys. Your dominant diaper sex Mommy wants to know something. Do you have any secret, hidden fantasies that you keep locked away inside you? Are you just longing to share them with someone?

I am that someone. I want to hear all about your dirty fetishes; particularly if you have a diaper fetish.

You don’t have to be an adult baby to love diapers. You can just enjoy the sensation of the material on your skin or the sounds the diaper or your plastic pants make as you move. Perhaps you like the way it feels when you wet your diaper–full and warm and wet. Or maybe it’s even a form of bondage to you, something to make you helpless and vulnerable to the one who has to change you.

Then, there are those of you who crave the humiliation of being a grown man who wears diapers. You want to be laughed at and verbally abused.

Mmmmm, diaper humiliation… how I revel in it.

No matter what your reason for wearing and loving diapers, I want to talk to you about it. Call Mommy Gina right now for a sinfully delicious phone sex session.

Don’t wait too long, or you might miss me….




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