An adult duckling It was in the hue yellow, which was extremely pleasant to look.
Shopping Trip With Mommy
September 20, 2015
Standing in front of the photo shoot is a Wit Diaper man.
An Erotic Diaper Change
September 25, 2015


Mommy is feeling so happy today. It is such a beautiful day and my little ABDL is so smiley. I have decided that we are going to go to the zoo today to see all the aminals you love. I will pack a lunch full of all your favorite snacks. And bring some breadcrumbs so we can feed the ducks and geese. I love the look on your face when the ducklings waddle up to you and nip at your little shoes. Mommy loads her little ABDL up in her van making sure that your sissy dress doesn’t get stuck in the door. We sing fun songs all the way to the zoo. When we get there mommy puts you in your stroller and we go to look at all the animals. You love the monkeys, you get out of your stroller and dance around making noises, twirling around in your purple dress showing all of the other visitors your sissy panties. Mommy is happy.



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