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Trip to the Zoo
September 21, 2015
Back to School style It was wonderful to observe.
Back To School In Diapers
September 25, 2015
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An Erotic Diaper Change

Ricky is one of my many adult babies. I try and visit him at least once a week. He loves to be bathed, pampered, breastfed and dressed in many different outfits. His favorite thing about my visiting him, though, is his diaper changes. Now, yes, for diaper lovers, diaper changes are usually no big deal, but what Ricky conceals in his diaper is a very big deal.

This big boy has one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. I’m in no way inexperienced and still I am awed at the site of this huge fleshy treasure.

I cannot help but get aroused when I see that he already is. I clean him up and with every dab of his wet wipe his cock grows. Oh my goodness but I long to have that wonderful hardness inside me. One day I will lose my control and just mount him and finally experience that pleasure, but for now I’ll just bite my lip, powder him and close his new diaper up.

I just need fuck that boy.

-Mommy Lizabeth  888-430-2010lizabeth sexy

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