Roleplaying is taboo A fetishist is sitting on the ground while donning a diaper.
Diaper Change
September 20, 2015
A gorgeous woman is seated and standing for the photo shoot. She appears sexy and hot.
Trip to the Zoo
September 21, 2015

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I really enjoy getting to take my adult babies and diaper lovers out for a nice day in the shops near the beach. It is always fun to get all dressed up and looking pretty and then stepping out with them for a nice trip to the strip mall. There is so much to do and so many things to see for us there, and we never get tired of it! Mommy always makes sure to bring her wallet full of plenty of spending money so that we can treat ourselves to a very luxurious and gratifying day! We will stop in at the Petite Boutique and get ourselves a make-over! After that, we will head to the row of women’s stores that are located all along the way. They always have the most gorgeous dresses and accessories for pretty girls, and I am convinced that we will find more than enough to satisfy our desires before we finally take our leave! I love taking my babies shopping!



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mommy milf phone sex abdl

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