Back to School style It was wonderful to observe.
Back To School In Diapers
September 25, 2015
An infant candy For the picture session, she is posing in the yard while donning the panties.
Blonde MILF Candy
September 26, 2015

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One of the things that my adult babies, diaper lovers, and I absolutely love to talk about is the way that a nice, thick diaper feels. Whether it be a cloth diaper or a disposable adult baby diaper, the feeling of that thick material covering your most sensitive bits is enough to send almost anyone right over the edge. Even me sometimes! Hehe. I also come across plenty of adult babies and diaper lovers who adore it when I have them stay in their wet or messy diaper until I feel like they should be changed finally! The feeling of the wet, absorbent diaper pressing against them and in between their legs always gets them so excited whether they are open to admit it or not! It is always a treat smelling the stinky messes they make and seeing them squirm or smile when I tell them that they will be staying in that mess!



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