Standing in front of the photo shoot is a Wit Diaper man.
An Erotic Diaper Change
September 25, 2015
Standing there is a cloth diaper fetish that appears hot and seductive.
The Feeling of Diapers
September 26, 2015

diaper boy

Good morning my little abdl boy! It’s almost here! In as little as a day you’re going to be starting school for the first time. It’s such a shame that we couldn’t potty train you in time. Mommy tried over and over again but you just can’t control that bladder of yours! So it seems like you’re going to have to stay in that diaper for quite some time now. That means having to wear it to school as well. I’ve already made arrangements to the nurse. Whenever you mess that diaper you are to report to your teacher and say you need to go the nurse’s office to get your diaper changed right away. The teacher will then choose a classmate to escort you to the nurse’s office to get your diaper changed. You are not allowed to use the big boy potty anymore. Because you’re just a big adult baby.


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adult baby

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