Adult Baby picnic for Memorial Day
May 23, 2012
ABDL Diaper Change Phone Sex
May 26, 2012


    Look at my newest minion, he practically turns to jelly when he gets to play with my panties hehehe. He makes such a Pretty Panty Boy! Don’t ya think? He becomes incredibly giddy when I take out my dirty panties, the naughty little panty boy especially loves any of my feminine blood stained panties. He often wears them all day long and later in the evening or come early morning I find him hectically washing them under cold water in the bathroom sink.

    I make him wear feminine products when he plays with me. I had him purchase a wide variety of all kinds of feminine products, from sanitary napkins to liners, tampons, douche and Midol. He becomes a real sissy bitch during his menstrual cycle and displays all the symptoms too. I mark a red dot on his calendar to remind him of his time of the month.

    What a moody Sissy he becomes, once that time of the month rolls around. Whining and complaining about his painful cramps, headache, fatigue, and even bloating, I offer him the Midol and a cold water bottle to place over his unsettled tummy, forehead and aching back! It is really quit a sight for sure.

YIM stepsistermandy

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