Onesie attire The man is standing in front of the photo shoot, and it was red in colour.
Sing -a-Long Time!
December 12, 2015
A young girl is sitting on the bed and appears to be very attractive and seductive.
Ava’s Into Sissy’s
December 13, 2015
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My New Diapers


I got my new abdl phone sex diapers today and I love them! I always prefer bambinos over cushies or depends or any other brand of adult diaper out there. I just love being able to feel safe and secure in my diaper and bambinos have that extra padding that gives me that comfort and security I need when wearing an adult diaper! I love how thick they are because even when I don’t have a pair of plastic panties to put on over them they’re still super absorbant and hold everything in so I don’t need to worry about having any leaks or accidents while I’m sleeping or out and about! So what is your favorite kind of diaper to wear around the house or in public? There are so many adult diapers to choose from sometimes its hard to choose isn’t it? Well tell me about it! When it comes to adult diaper phone sex it’s almost impossible to choose!




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