One Large Breast Nipple She is posing for the photographs while donning the stocking.
Mommy’s Little Enema Lover
November 16, 2015
Where the boys are
November 17, 2015


Last night I had a conversation about humiliation in a fetish chat room. It is a subject I do not get a chance to talk about very often. I had to admit that subjecting someone to public humiliation is one of my favorite things to do. One thing I enjoy doing is going into a restaurant and having the person sitting across from not see the onslaught coming and just tearing into them about discretion’s they did not know I knew about. My favorite is to draw attention by saying that I know they are wearing my panties , and getting very vocal about the subject. When the waitress comes I explain that she should know my date is a panty wearer. If I get very riled up, I will throw water in the person’s face. I really love when the man’s face turns red and he wants to run out but can’t.

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