public humiliation
November 17, 2015
The design for Christmas Kinky Fetish was blue in colour.
Snowday with Mommy Barbie
November 18, 2015

VG1001-060So I have started noticing that a lot of the guys have started hanging out at our house after work or their classes at the college. Even when my stepson isn’t home yet they come over and wait for him to get home. I suspect this has to do with me, and I love it. They can since my sexuality, I am sure the way I dress might have something to do with it as well. If I am not in my little silk robe with nothing on underneath, I may be in my bikini lying out by the pool. If I happen to be going out to meet a friend then I am in a sexy little mini skirt with a barely there blouse and a pair of fuck me pumps. This is so much fun teasing them and seeing how they react, I can actually see them getting hard as I stand there talking to them. Oh what great fun I am going to have with them all, especially my stepson.

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