The typeface, proud mama, was wonderful and contemporary.
Hungry Little Baby
October 10, 2015
A gorgeous woman is seated and standing for the photo shoot. She appears sexy and hot.
In search of a Mommy
October 10, 2015

I love breastfeeding my adult baby in public. It makes me feel like I am the center of the universe.

We slink off to a private little corner where people can still see us but they pay less attention. Everyone who can see us stares at us. Some people are confused by us. Some are disgusted by us. But anyone who knows the sissy baby lifestyle is insanely jealous of us.

People watch you lay your head on my chest and pull the collar of my shirt below my breasts leaving my black lacy bra bare. Then they watch you lift my full breast out of my bra and greedily wrap your lips around my ready nipple. You gently suck, pulling the warm milk from me. I stroke your hair gently and rub your back with each gentle suck. You start to make little suckling noises.

Everyone is looking at us now but we don’t care.




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