A sexy girl is showing off her sexy boobs while suckling on milk.
Public Breastfeeding with Mommy Jenna
October 10, 2015
He is a fetish man and is standing with a teddy bear and a baby suit.
My Out of the Closet Babies
October 10, 2015


Once there was a little ABDL who longed for a sweet and loving mommy. He travelled the world looking for the perfect one. Along the way he found several different mommies.  There were Dommy mommies, and sub mommies, naughty mommies, and even mommies with giant cocks. They all had their perks. Spankings can feel amazing and being turned into a sissy can also be fun. Making mommy do naughty things while tied up feels really good too. But what this little ABDL wanted was to be cuddled and loved and to have his diaper changed by someone very gentle. His travels led him to Canada where he met a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed mommy. Her name was mommy Susan and she was the sweetest mommy he had ever met. She sang to him, read him books and kissed him from head to toe. She fussed over him every day and showed him how much she cared. The bubble baths were his favorite, they were always the right temperature and had just enough bubbles. He had finally found the one and he was never going to leave.


bubble bath

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