A gorgeous and attractive woman is sacking the baby breast in the photo session, and she looks amazing.
Diaper Anna Plays With The Pacifier In Her Cunt
August 2, 2021
Mommy items and sexy diapers are on display.
Time For That Cute Diaper
September 19, 2021

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Panzy is my sweet little abdl grandson and I am his granny that loves him so very much. I love to play sweet games with him and put him in my lap as I rock him back and forth in my lap in my rocking chair when he wears his diaper. He loves his pamper so much and I love to make sure that he is so nice and snug as a bug in a rug and the rug is in his pamper. Then he loves for me to pull his pamper to the side and jerk of his cock until it gets really sore.  I want it to be rubbed so much that he smiles.  When he smiles it is when he is his happiest and he is full of joy.  I want him to feel so good and this is why I will jerk him off.

Panzy is such a diaper lover that he sleeps in diapers and has diapers all over the bed so when he rolls around in his bed at night he is covered in a bunch of diapers. He loves the way that the diapers feel on his skin and this is how it makes him feel like a baby.  He loves to be so closely held to my breasts and though I am a seasoned grandma my tits are still not too flat. My nipples are pointy and they belong in Panzy’s mouth and that is what it is all about.  My pussy gets so very wet and I love to have that creamy cum that leaks out of my sweet granny cunt fill my panty to the core and I will save that panty to give it to to him.  When I am finished comfort feeding him from my breasts I love to give him my panty to take a sniff.  He gladly takes it and sniffs it and rubs it all over his face and then I ask him if he wants the real thing and his face will light up and he will say yes.  That is when I will have my baby lay back on the couch and I will ride his face so he can swallow all up all of the juices.

Like a pony, I bounce up and down on his mouth over and over again and I hear him slurping as he sucks my sweet and mature granny pussy. My granny pussy is so sweet – it is more than a treat, it is an entire meal.  He will know how to stick his tongue into my pussy and I will lock his tongue in there and do my pussy tightening exercises and lock his tongue in there.  He will have his tongue trapped and it won’t be able to escape and I will make sure that he is reminded that it is his granny that has my pussy captivated and he will continue to suck on my pussy so as much creamy cunt’s milk drains directly into his mouth and down his neck so that it ends up in his belly.

Granny Minnie


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