Wet diapers
August 14, 2012
Dress up
August 16, 2012

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Is it hard to hold it?
Do you have an incontinence fetish?
Tired of wet diapers try potty training with Mommy Crissy lover of all things infantalism!. For the best fetish phone sex experience ever have a scene somewhat planned out and I will take care of the particulars. I will make it kinky or not what ever floats your adult baby boat.
I have all of these wonderful methods of retraining and regressing you to a simple time where you can be
my little shaver and Mommy Crissy can hold your hand while you use the potty “There’s a good boy”!
that feel’s so much better does’nt it? I knew you needed that! A nice release after a tough day always helps
us all.
Mommy Crissy has a wide array of adult baby clothes for you to wear and play in make sure you bring your ready to have fun hat with you! Mommy will have hers with her as well we will have such a great time in the bathroom training for the potty pole vault Olympics I bet you will earn a big gold medal! Wish for a sweet abdl- diaper wearing mommy that knows how to care for you and will always be by your side I am your girl most definitely make my wish come true as well by giving me a call so we can get this ball rolling!

Creamy cuddling teacher Crissy


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