Diaper Phone Sex
August 12, 2012
Potty training with Mommy Crissy
August 14, 2012

1344961934617683867 ABDL BlogWet diapers hanging on the line the wind blowing them every which way it decides to blow they flap so sweetly in the breeze.The meadow is flowering within its blooms all the reds,blues,yellow,purple hues following the wind as it blows the diapers all nice and dry.The smell of those diapers drying on the line is so sweet and you smile down at the little ones knowing they will soon have even more for you to wash and hang on that line.

Because that is what they do best is wet those diapers just so you can wash and hang them on the line.The little ones loves seeing their diapers flapping in the wind knowing that they will enjoy the smell of those freshly laundry diapers,because mommy knows how to make them smell and feel so good against that little ones bottom.



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