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August 9, 2012
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August 12, 2012


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Help me into my diaper


Being an AB mommy is such a rewarding thing and I do so love to care for my ABies. But mommy is also a DL herself and I love to engage in mutual diaper play. I relish the feel of strong hands lifting my soft bottom up and sliding a nice thick diaper underneath. Fingertips spreading soft powder over my luscious curves. It makes my diaper wet in more ways than one.

Whether we just engage in changing each other or let it lead to other things, it is all pleasurable to me. Sometimes just being cared for is enough. But changing can lead to touching and touching, well you know where that can go…

Your hands on my body as you powder me can excite me in so many ways. I want you to touch me more. I love the feel of the diaper up against me, making me slick and wet for you. Do you have any fetishes that you have been thinking of that might make our diaper time even better?  There are so many things we can incorporate into mutual diaper play. I have my own ideas. Call me and I am sure we can come up with something that will take our pleasure to the next level.


~Josie DL~

Call me for all your dirty diaper fetish play needs



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