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Pegged by your Mommy!
August 20, 2017
A sexy and attractive woman is posing while wearing a white clothing.
Naked You Stand Before me Part 8
August 28, 2017

lace nightie ABDL Blog

lace body suit ABDL Blog

Hey sweet little one, mommy got something new today just for you. Its a pretty lace nightie. Mommy has seen how much you drool over her other ones, so she picked this one out just with you in mind. It even is cupless so mommy can breast feed you with ease while wearing it. Mommy sees how stiff your little cock gets when she wears something lace. You just want to rub yourself all over my lace panties to feel the scratch of the material against your skin. Why don’t we break in this new nightie sweetie? You can drop your pants and diaper so mommy can see your little cock all stiff and hard for her new outfit, then you can rub your little cock against mommy’s lace covered pussy while you suckle at my breast. Doesn’t that feel so good my little one?

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