Standing and donning the pink seductive gown is an adult baby.
Naked You Stand Before Her Phone Sex Part 3
August 12, 2017
Standing and flashing her large, gorgeous boobs, a sexy female appears hot and seductive.
Mommy has a new Lacy Nightie
August 25, 2017

DBP 1432 ABDL Blog

Are you ready for your abdl Mommy to give you the pegging you know you want? I would be more than happy to pull your diaper down to your thighs, and have you bend over your changing table.  Better yet, I could put a hole in your diaper, right where I need it to be so I can slide my strap-on cock inside your tight ass.  Will you be a good baby for me, grabbing hold to changing table, tilting your hips up so I can slip even further inside you? I know you would love to hear the slaps as my hips slam against your diapered bottom, the crinkle and slide of my skin against plastic.  I would fill you up, sweetie, stretch you out and make you feel so good. I would grab your hips and slide into you over and over and over again until I made you cum in your diaper.  Like to hear more? Call me for some domme mommy phone sex!



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