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Forced Feminization Phone Sex Part 2
September 7, 2018
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Mommy Mimi Has To Punish You
September 9, 2018

My, my, just look at what we have here! A sweet adult baby girl all dolled up and double diapered in a thick layer of pink crinklyness. And after all of that lovely abdl hypnosis play, our little sweetie here is just totally regressed! Isn’t that right, princess? Haha although she may look like a grown man in a thick disposable adult baby diaper, what you’re looking at is adult baby Mommy’s diaper princess, abdl regression complete and only able to babble at her dommy mommy and mess her diaper pants. Aww, baby girl is doing a sissy baby potty dance now! She really is totally reliant on her diapees, no big girl potty for this baby girl! Pee-uuuu!!! That messy diaper sure does stink, its a good thing mommy is here to change you, diaper princess!

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Mommy Jackie

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