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Mommy Knows Best
August 22, 2015
She is a fashionable fetish girl and she is wearing a green attire.
Dirty boy!
August 24, 2015

When you enter my ABDL nursery, you will not know what to do with yourself. Adult baby diapers are stacked in innumerable rows, more than you could count in ample time. A crib sized just for you sits near the large bay window on the wall overlooking the lush green expanse of yard in front of the house. You see that the yard is fenced in, perfect for an adult baby to play in without worrying about getting lost in the neighborhood or hurt. There is a swing set and a sandbox there with many plastic buckets and toy shovels for you to dig and explore with. Sand castle molds are nearby with a hose to moisten the sand so you can play. The nursery is full of toys and stuffed animals for you to play with as well. And of course I will play with you all of the time! I want only to see my darling diaper lovers happy and well taken care of, and I intend to always do just that. As long as you do not misbehave and get into trouble, mommy will always be sweet and loving to you. I will snuggle you and at night when you are tired and hungry, I will pull you onto my lap in our huge rocking chair and rock you back and forth. I will hum you a soothing lullaby while you lay in my arms upon my lap and I hold your bottle to your lips for you. You always look so peaceful when I feed you. Your eyes close and your breathing slows as I hold you against my breasts and rock you to sleep while you fill up your tummy. I am sure you enjoy it just as much as I do, because the sounds of content that you make as your eyes flutter closed for sleep always bring a smile to my face — and yours!

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