Diapered Clown Humiliation
July 12, 2012
ABDL Assignments
July 18, 2012


Mommy had a messy diaper sissy the other night he was insisting on me putting him back into diapers which I did gladly.
He was into some ageplay so yay for me!

He enjoyed me humiliating him while he was messing in his diaper making it so smelly and dirty I had to hold my nose while I walked in front of him,so I put him on
a leash wearing nothing but his pink,tight diaper and a collar I then walked him around for all the neighbors to see . As he got more & more embarresed I got so turned on,dominating him was so incredibly exhilirating.

He started to cry and beg me to change him, please,please he said.
I just looked at him and grinned and said you have to stay in that messy,smelly diaper.

He was crying and shakeing he was so upset!
Poor ab!


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