A gorgeous woman is seated and standing for the photo shoot. She appears sexy and hot.
In search of a Mommy
October 10, 2015
A handsome man is resting in bed wearing a diaper, which is nice and sexy-looking.
Diaper Time With Barb
October 11, 2015

So many of my adult babies are hidden away and terrified of anyone finding out about this part of their life. My visits with them are the highlight of their week or month. They praise me for my care and ability to allow them to live out their true selves. They trust me and know I will never tell anyone about their secret lives.

I do have a few ABDLs that are completely open and fine with being in public in all their best baby clothes or puffiest diapers. They live out their lives and ignore judgment from the closed minded “norms”. I know they are truly jealous that they are not as brave as my babies.

I’ve changed diapers in public and breastfed my needy adult babies. There is no more empowering a feeling than being open about who you are  and how you wish to live.

Are you open? Would you like to be?

Let’s talk about it.


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