A seductive woman is self-masturbating as she lies in bed.
Small Penis Humiliation
January 13, 2017
Standing there, looking hot and seductive, is a lovely female.
Adult Baby Gets A Trip To The Doctor Part Two!
January 18, 2017

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I hate to do this to you, sweetie, but you’re going to have to start wearing phone sex diapers again. Why? You do remember wetting yourself, don’t you? And you weren’t even asleep for that, you just said you didn’t feel anything coming!  So, since you can’t control your bladder like the grown adult I thought you were, you’ll have to wear a diaper like the adult baby you’re turning back into! And, no, I don’t particularly care that this is going to embarrass you. In fact, I’m counting on that humiliation to drive this lesson deep.  So I decided to get a few other items to go along with that diaper you are about to put on.  I have some cute onesies, some bottles, pacifiers, adorable little toys…if this goes on for a while, your abdl mommy will need to get you some special baby furniture just for you! Would you like to talk more about being forced to wear diapers? Call me anytime!



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