A sexy woman is biting the newborn boy's male butt as punishment.
Caught Out Of Adult Diapers
January 13, 2017
A lovely woman is laying in bed while donning a sexy diaper.
Forced to Wear Abdl Diapers
January 16, 2017

DSCN3526 ABDL Blog

Wow would you look at that! It is seriously the tiniest penis I have ever seen! Like why are you so proud of that! You know what that is good for? Being taped down and turned into a little clitty! I mean girls want a man and with a penis that size you’re not one! Like I am  embarrassed for you when I look at the tiny lump of flesh! Are you hard right now? Is that what your cock looks like? Hahaha Omg How sad of a life for you to have to walk around with that micro-penis for ever. If I was you I would start telling everyone that you’re a little  sissy bitch! That loves to suck on cock because at least you have a chance of being laid that way haha! No not really. Maybe you should concider a penis implant or something because that cock is humiliating you right now! I mean do they even make condoms that small? I guess  they don’t think that a cock that size could get a girl pregnant because for that you would have to get close enough with a women to even get that far! Haha So Here is what I am going to do. I am going to put this Adult diaper on you and turn you into my Adult baby girl and then dress you up in pretty dresses and take you shopping! How does that sound? Call me for some abdl phone sex!

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