Standing and sporting a diaper, the lovely girl appears hot and seductive.
Halloween Fun Cont
October 31, 2015
A lovely woman with sexy boobs is seated in the chair. She is standing for the photo shoot, her boobs are crisp, and she looks great.
Mommy’s Little Cuckold Baby
October 31, 2015

Oh, the things I have learned since I have been hanging around with a new friend. She is part of the ABDL and BDSM scenes.

It started out with us going to a “cuddle” party. It was a smaller, more private gathering so she said.  There was a main room where you could just enjoy meeting other people and engaging in stimulating conversation. Then a more comfortable room with lots of fluffy couches, pillows on the floor and beds. She told me this was the cuddle room. Couples were all over just hugging, cuddling in all different ways and other’s just massaging each other; everyone looked so happy and relaxed. The atmosphere was so comforting.

As we went further into the building we came upon a large nursery. This was not your typical nursery. This was why we were here. This was for adult babies and diaper lovers. She was a “nanny” here. When we entered the room everyone was so happy to see her. I felt all the love they had for her, and she for them. I watched in amazement as she took care of all her “Aby’s”, or so she called them. She went about checking diapers and changing them as needed. Putting some in large cribs for naps and even feeding them from bottles or baby food. There were other women that some of the Aby’s called “mommy” and even more “nannies” then just my friend.

I noticed even more rooms with doors where some mommy’s took their babies and seemed to be either punishing them or giving extra love and attention. It was such a magical sight that I have been back to the nursery several times now and feel like I am becoming a part of the family.

I am having so much enjoyment with my new role in the ABDL community. I am becoming a mommy, a very special mommy.






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