Standing and wearing light blue dresses, a seductive female exudes attractiveness.
Halloween Opportunities
October 27, 2015
A Sexy Boobs Girl is standing for the picture session and she looks hot and sexy.
Cuddle me Tawny
October 31, 2015

I told you about the first adult baby on my rounds at Phoneamommy but left off at my second stop which was Frankie. Frankie is a fantastic ABDL but he wanted to live out his fantasy of dressing as a dominatrix. We made plans far in advance and discussed his wardrobe. We stayed pretty traditional. What do you think? domI think he would fool pretty much anyone that he’s a graceful, sexy and in charge dominatrix. He does need to work on his attitude a bit more. He is just such a sweetheart.

Well after Frankie I headed over to Tina’s house. Tina is one of my few adult baby girls. Tina wanted to just dress as the cutest baby girl she could. It was so easy but she was planning on going out to a party in her abdl gear so wanted my help.  It was so much fun to dress her. Check out Diapersissy to Hear about Tina’s part in my Halloween fun 🙂

Tell me all about your Halloween. I love to speak with new babies 🙂

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