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July 1, 2012
July 2, 2012
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come play with mommy crissy .www .jpeg 6 ABDL Blog
Come play with mommy crissy I have all the adult baby toys you could ever want right at your disposal.
Once you find yourself on the way to see me we start our fun by getting you out of
your clothes and no more walking u have to crawl on the floor when your with crissy.
You will enjoy being in pampers and having playtime,naptime of course special touching time. 🙂
Just ask baby marco he had such a sweet time with me the other day,we were both
playing on the floor with his most faveorite dinosaur toys and he said”Mommy I am so hungry I need milk.” and pointed to my big milky tits so I give him mommy’s milk
til he is good and satisfied.
Marco look’s at me and wipes his little sleeve across his lips where a bit of my breast milk has dribbled out of the corner of his lips. He looks so adorable in his little red onesie he gets up and starts to roll around on the floor on his back and coo at me.

“Aww, I say how sweet,my full adult baby boy is happy and ready for special touching time.” His eyes burn bright green at me and a big smile erupts on his face.
“Goodies!! Goody Yay! for special touching time.”

Then I lay down next to him and tickle his belly and play with his feeties.
he giggles and burps at me I smile sweetly down at him and wonder what adventures Marco and I will have next.


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