Bratty Teen Cali
September 10, 2012
Spanking, anyone?
September 10, 2012

ABDL BlogCloth diapers feel so good against that bare bottom so soft gently snuggled up to you.You wet that diaper and look around for someone to change you not hearing anyone voices or sounds you search from room to room.I had changed you not long ago i should have known you would wet that cloth diaper as soon as possible knowing you .As you enter the area i am in you look at me with tears in those big eyes of yours thinking i am going to be upset because your diaper is wet i look down and its drooping between your legs and i can’t help but laugh you look so funny dragging that blanket thru the house with a diaper drooping between those legs of yours.And here you thought for sure there was going to be a spanking.Well guess what you are getting spanking because i know how much you enjoy getting a good spanking with that wet diaper on.



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