A sexy female is posing on the ground while wearing black stockings and drees.
Cuckold Mommy Ava
September 6, 2015
A hot-looking, sexy man is seated in the bed, and the diaper is soft.
Diaper Punishment With ABDL Mommy Crissy
September 10, 2015


Your Mommy and Daddy are gone, you little snot nosed brat, so now you gotta listen to me! I can’t stand being around stupid, stinky babies, so you better not mess that diaper or else you’ll be stuck in the sticky, smelly mess all night. Why are you crying? Nobody here is going to save you, now shut up before I spank your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week! Aw, did that hurt the little sissy baby’s feelings? Are you gonna cry? No? Well, maybe you’ll change your mind about that when I start teasing you for still wearing a diaper! Why does a grown man still need to wear diapers, anyway? I bet you have a tiny little cock hiding under that diaper, huh? A teeny little thing like that couldn’t possibly please anyone, I bet your wife’s out sucking a nice hard, big, black cock. How does that make you feel? Knowing that you’re a little cuckold bitch that can’t satisfy his wife?
Stop your crying and go to bed, I don’t feel like putting up with you anymore.



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