A beautiful woman wearing a diaper and looking hot and seductive is laying in bed.
Changing Stinky Diapers
September 6, 2015
In the bed, a seductive man is bagging the baby nipple.
Bratty Babysitter Brittney
September 6, 2015


I’ve done some thinking and I think it’s about time for me to take on a new diaper slut. I bet your eyes got as big as saucers reading that didn’t they? Do you think you have what it takes to be this domme mommy’s diaper bitch? Well first off you need to know how to cook and clean because you bet your ass I won’t be doing either of those. Not only will you clean my house, you will clean the cum out of my pussy as well after daddy fucks me. You’ll even have to clean off daddy’s cock and lick it clean. And if mommy has to take a shit or a piss and doesn’t want to walk to the bathroom, guess what? Your diaper is going to be opened up and I’ll just relieve myself right with you in it. And don’t think I’m changing it afterwards either. You’ll wear that diaper until it falls apart. So are you still intrigued? Maybe even a little scared? Good. You should be. A diaper slut needs to be kept scared and obedient so they will stay in line. So do you have what it takes?

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