The image features a colourful and sexy pair of pants.
November 14, 2016
A sexy woman is biting the newborn boy's male butt as punishment.
Caught Out Of Adult Diapers
January 13, 2017

Janey21 ABDL Blog

Hi honey I am so glad you are home from work! There is something I found on your laptop and I wanna talk to you about it! No, I am not mad but I think you know what I found. I needed your laptop because I had to do some stuff for work and mine had died so I just grabbed yours  Well what I found was shocking at first but then it was kinda cute! Do you know what it is I found? “I thinks so”. I found a bunch of Abdl stories and pictures of people wearing Adult diapers, and thought to myself well if this is what makes my boyfriend happy then I will give  it a try. So I ordered some stuff and then went and picked up and its in this bag. Do you wanna know what it is? Well I got you a new binky, and some cute bambino’s teddy bears diapers, a new onesie and some plastic pants! Now come here lets get you dressed, lay down and lets
slide off those pants. And let’s slide on the adult diaper, and put some diaper cream on you and powder. Call me for some Abdl Phone sex!
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