The photo depicts a nice-looking diaper and a sexy dress.
Hi There Sweet Girl Part 2
November 14, 2016
A seductive woman is sitting on bed and taking off her seductive underwear.
My Boyfriend Is An Adult Baby
January 13, 2017


I can not believe I just found you in little girl panties. Are those the ones I told you couldn’t have last week at the supermarket? Where did you get them! I certainly never bought those for you! You’ve been what!? Stealing from my wallet! How dare you! I think a fair punishment is what you need. To your room right now! You know the problem isn’t that you want to wear ladies’ panties, it’s the part where you stole from mommy. After everything you want you adult diapers and your bottles and a mommy to take care of you, but now you’re stealing. Lay your ass face down in your crib, now I’m going to tie you up real tight here. Make sure you can’t wiggle around or move at all. You’ve just earned yourself a paddled spanking. Oh no the wooden one would be far too nice for a little thief. Are you ready? WHAP!!!



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