A seductive woman is sitting on bed and taking off her seductive underwear.
My Boyfriend Is An Adult Baby
January 13, 2017
A seductive woman is self-masturbating as she lies in bed.
Small Penis Humiliation
January 13, 2017

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Now what did we talk about last time? hm? I believe I told you to be in Adult Diapers at all times! And then I come over and notice that you have only 3 left? I know you told me that you was going to order more the other day and did you? No well why not? Get over there an order more right  now I am not playing. Your about to be in big trouble wittle Adult baby! I am going to spank that bottom very hard until you realize that when your abdl mommy tells you to do something you do it the first time! Understand me? Now get over here and I am going to pull  you over my lap and pull down your pants to find your not even wearing underwear and give you 30 hard spankings on each cheek! Your such a bad boy! Also for your punishment no cummies for 2 weeks. Maybe next time you will listen to me! Isn’t that right I see a tear going down
your cheek and give you a kiss and walk you to your nursery! Call me for some abdl phone sex!
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