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May 3, 2012
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May 8, 2012
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ABDL Surfin

"ABDL Surfin"

Ought oh, you better be careful ABDL Surfin while you are at work. I know that you just can not help yourself though can you. You try and sneak some surfing time in here and there while the Boss Lady isn’t watching. Your mind just keeps wandering and your fingertips cannot help but to want to obey what your brain is urging you to do. To Surf some more. You imagine that if your Boss Lady catches you she might show some leniency But perhaps she has other ideas in mind for you. She calls you into her office and hidden in her bottom drawer she pulls out some bambino diapers and you look at her all frazzled. She orders you into them while explaining to you that your little secret is out! You can no longer hide the fact that you are a closeted ABDL she has been watching you on her spy cam software and now she is prepared to reprimand you in the only way she sees fit!

As you finish putting your Adult Bambino Diaper on she calls her assistant on the intercom and tells her that it is time. Time for what you wonder as you feel a bit light headed and flushed, not certain what will happen next. A crowd of co-workers storm into the room as you stand in only your adult diaper. You hear as everyone attempts to hold back their laughter and you watch as she walks around from her desk. Your tummy is a mess and you begin to wet yourself as you worry about all those ABDL websites you have searched and how she is exposing your little secret. You feel the warmth in your diaper and in your face as she approaches you and ask you to lean forward and place your hands on her desk. Now the fun can really begin!

Your Secret is safe with Mandy,

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