She is posing as a Fetish Boobs in front of the photo session.
ABDL Mommy Barb
August 23, 2015
A Milf Lady looks beautiful and seductive while wearing a black attire.
Fetish Phone Sex
August 25, 2015


Look at you! What a mess! What is that all over you..? Aw, did you decide to play in your diaper? Well, I guess it’s time for Babysitter Brittney to get you nice and clean! We can start things off by taking a warm bubble bath together, making bubble beards and playing with pirate ships and your favorite rubber ducky toy. After all of the bubbles are gone, I’ll make sure I wrap you up in a soft, fluffy and warm towel to dry you off, holding you close and telling you stories or singing you songs while you suck on your little pacifier. I’ll take you to your room, humming to you softly while I pick out a fresh, clean diaper for you, and then it will be time for your special diaper change.. You know how much Babysitter Brittney loves making her adult baby feel good! When I’ve finished playing, I’ll make sure to give you lots of cuddles and kisses before dressing you in your comfiest pajamas, and then it’s off to bed for my good little diaper lover!

Sweet dreams, little one, Babysitter Brittney will see you again soon!



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