A big-boobed woman is sitting on the couch and looks quite seductive.
Baby Daddy Issues?
December 6, 2015
adult baby Christmas
December 6, 2015

stock-photo-12388435-woman-in-black-latex-corsetOh that’s right sit over there in that chair and watch. My lover will be any minute and I want you were you belong. How lucky am I to have married a man who only gets off on watching his wife have sex with other men? My cuckie hubby. Then I get to make you come over to the bed where my lover has just fucked me good and hard and make you lick every bit of cum from him out of my still hot cunt. Umm how is it? Do you like to taste what a filthy slut I am? Yum? Now lick his cock up and down. Put your mouth around it and go down on that sticky giant cock and taste the sweet taste of your wife still all over his big throbbing cock now, yes he is going to cum in your mouth too. You have to take it all like the good little cuckold that you are. Oh yes this is a dream come true for me and you.                                   Call Tawny (888) 938-7382


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