A fetish diaper is displayed, and it matches the holiday season and has a soft appearance.
Come to the Nursery for your favorite Holiday movie and diaper changing!
December 5, 2015
December 6, 2015


I love fetish phone sex as much as any other girl does but last nights call was by far the most amusing cuckold i’ve ever spoken to.  I had some loser call me wanting me to cuckold him but not only that, he wanted my lover to impregnate me so that he could take care of the baby while I’m out getting fucked by multiple lovers Long story short, we don’t even know who the babydaddy it is. With how many guys i’ve fucked in front of him it’s really hard to tell. I can’t even tell by the skin color either because if it comes out black then there’s still no idea who’s it is because i’ve fucked a handful of black guys in front of him! I really don’t think the paternity matters at this point though because I know none of these men i’m fucking are concerned about whos the father of the baby. That’s why I have my little loser cuckold bitch for. You’re not only going to take care of the baby, you’re going to be my little housewife too. I shouldn’t have to lift a finger when I have a cuckold phone sex bitch to do it for me.


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