December 6, 2015
A sexy diaper can be seen in the image, and it is silky and attractive.
Bouncy Baby
December 6, 2015

michelle4editChristmas is coming, I am so excited. I hope that my adult baby is just as excited. It would be a great time for my adult baby to spend time with Mommy, we would get to put the tree together and decorate it. We would get the house all ready for Santa, put up stockings, and watch Christmas movies. I cannot wait to go shopping for all the fetish-related gifts that my nice, sweet adult baby wants for Christmas. Trust me Mommy checked the good/naughty list. Though Mommy will surprise the adult baby by making him think he was naughty, even though he has been good. But Mommy likes to surprise her adult baby. What I look forward to is when on Christmas morning I will get to see the happy expression on my adult baby’s face when he gets to see all the wonderful surprises that Santa (Mommy) got for him.  US/CAN 888-938-7382 INT’L 714-442-2402



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