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Mommy Ava

12 years with ABDL's

1 (888) 430-2010

Baby Betsy

Master's Degree in ABDL

1 (888) 430-2010

Nurse Betty

8 years of ABDL Medical Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Daddy Paul

over 10 years of Daddy Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Diaper Girl Cali

4 Years of Diaper Changing Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Mommy Candy

15 Years of Mommy Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Mommy Crissy

3 years of ABDL Mommy Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Cousin Jenna

3 Years of Sitter & Discipline Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Diaper Baby Louie

13 Years of Diaper Wearing & Baby Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Baby Sister Katie

3 years of Baby Sister Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Diaper Expert Lacy

7 years of Diaper Training Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

BDSM Mommy Lexus

9 Years of BDSM & ABDL Discipline

1 (888) 430-2010

Mommy Crissy

7 Years of Mommy & Breastfeeding Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Granny Minnie

45 years of ABDL Training Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Mommy Lizabeth

13 Years of Bed wetting & ABDL

1 (888) 430-2010

Step Sister Mandy

3 Years of ABDL Step Sister Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Nanny Rachel

14 years of ABDL Nanny Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Babysitter Samantha

5 years of ABDL Babysitter Experience

1 (888) 430-2010

Granny Silvie

53 years of ABDL & Potty Training

1 (888) 430-2010

Mommy Sue

25 years of Mommy & Aunty ABDL Training

1 (888) 430-2010

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October 4, 2015
adult baby diaper lover mommy phone sex

Wake Up, Baby!

Wake up my sweet little one! Open your eyes to greet the morning as Mr. Sunshine peeks through your window to kiss your face until you awaken. I love waking up before you each morning. I get to make my way into the nursery and take a seat in the padded rocking chair that sits near the corner close to the window. I rock slowly and quietly, being careful not to stir so that my sweet adult baby is able to finish resting. When you finally decide you have had enough sleep, you open your little eyes and I come over to stand above you at the edge of your crib and smile down into that adorable face. You always look so happy to see me, little diaper lover. I am always happy to see you too, of course! I love getting to be your mommy and take such good […]
October 3, 2015

Hostage Phone Sex

Let’s play home invader phone sex and kidnap the naughty girls and boys right out of their bedroom! I can think of so many different ways we can entertain ourselves with their unwilling defenseless bodies bound together on the floor.The quiet ones are alright but I really love making the bratty ones whine and squeal. Reminds me of a little piggie the way they squeak! There is nothing more soothing than once they’ve finally given up the fight and they’re looking up at you with those wide little eyes, submitting to you completely. Some of them are such sluts that they even start to enjoy it after awhile and are moaning for more! So what do you say, will you be my partner in crime and call me up for some kidnapping phone sex? You sound like a person who’s as naughty and merciless as me! Let’s go find our […]
October 3, 2015

Two Mommies Are Better then One

Sometimes Mommy Ava needs help with my adult baby. Mommy has things she needs to do and can’t always take aby with me. My good friend Mommy Crissy is always willing to baby sit my aby. Mommy Crissy is a sweet nurturing mommy, who loves to take good care of all adult babies, who just happens to live next door to me. Even though we have very different parenting styles, she is the ying to my yang and we just love doing 2 girl calls together. There is only one thing better then having one mommy take good care of you, and that’s having two mommies looking after you and all your baby needs So give us a call and let us change your diaper, take you shopping and show you off to all our friends. If you have never experienced a two mommy call, now is the time to […]
October 3, 2015

Sissy Poem

Brand new diapers soft and sweet, laying at my babies feet. Sissy dresses pink and new, mommy knows just what to do. ABDL so cute and small, mommy takes him to the mall. Buys him dresses blue and pink, gives him kisses and a wink. Gets him suckers and some toys, nothing made for little boys. Takes him to see all sorts of men, sucks their cocks again and again. Good little sissy mouth so wide, makes men happy fill mommy with pride. strap on dildo in your ass, never giving any sass. Men with cocks so full of cum, filling up your sissy bum. Sissy bum is getting sore, yet mommy makes him take so much more. Men with cocks the size of trees, baby sucking on his knees. Mommy’s sissy so depraved, Mommy’s sissy so behaved. Mommy laughs with such delight, Sissy is in for a very long […]
October 3, 2015
diapered man

Let mommy Liz diaper you

So I love surprises. I get them so rarely in my life. The first time I walked in to find my boyfriend, at the time, in diapers I was definitely surprised. This was a few years ago and was my first taste of the abdl world. I instantly loved it. I love taking care of him like a baby, being with this diaper lover man. Things didn’t work with him as a boyfriend much longer, but I did continue visiting him as a mommy for a while more. I love how it feels to help you when you need a change. To clean you and dress you up. I love to make you cloth diapers and other cute things on my sewing machine. If you’re just into diaper then that’s fine with me. I’ll take of you any way you want, though. If you need to be babied I’ll be […]

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