There were some females standing at a Sissy Babies with white diapers.
Sissy Poem
October 3, 2015
Hostage Phone Sex
October 3, 2015


Sometimes Mommy Ava needs help with my adult baby. Mommy has things she needs to do and can’t always take aby with me. My good friend Mommy Crissy is always willing to baby sit my aby.

Mommy Crissy is a sweet nurturing mommy, who loves to take good care of all adult babies, who just happens to live next door to me. Even though we have very different parenting styles, she is the ying to my yang and we just love doing 2 girl calls together.

There is only one thing better then having one mommy take good care of you, and that’s having two mommies looking after you and all your baby needs 🙂 So give us a call and let us change your diaper, take you shopping and show you off to all our friends.

If you have never experienced a two mommy call, now is the time to do it! Call Mommy Ava and Mommy Crissy for the best two mommy experience of your life!


888 430-2010


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