A Man in a Diaper, he is wearing a diaper
Let mommy Liz diaper you
October 3, 2015
Ava Lady is wearing a black outfit while sitting on a chair and looks really hot and seductive.
Two Mommies Are Better then One
October 3, 2015
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Sissy Poem


Brand new diapers soft and sweet, laying at my babies feet.
Sissy dresses pink and new, mommy knows just what to do.
ABDL so cute and small, mommy takes him to the mall.
Buys him dresses blue and pink, gives him kisses and a wink.
Gets him suckers and some toys, nothing made for little boys.
Takes him to see all sorts of men, sucks their cocks again and again.
Good little sissy mouth so wide, makes men happy fill mommy with pride.
strap on dildo in your ass, never giving any sass.
Men with cocks so full of cum, filling up your sissy bum.

Sissy bum is getting sore, yet mommy makes him take so much more.
Men with cocks the size of trees, baby sucking on his knees.
Mommy’s sissy so depraved, Mommy’s sissy so behaved.
Mommy laughs with such delight, Sissy is in for a very long night.



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