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Sissy Training My Son
August 12, 2015
Standing in front of the picture session, a naked Lizabeth is shown.
Bath Time with Mommy Liz
August 22, 2015

logoBeing a mommy is so much fun. Adult babies are the best. I adore changing diaper lovers and breastfeeding sweet greedy big babies. I love turning tough boys into little sissy girls and spanking misbehaving ABDL s  One of my favorite things in the world though is tickling.

Tickling can be used as a reward or punishment. It is absolutely amazing hearing all this laughter. Nothing is cuter than a babies laugh, whether a toddler or adult baby. It’s just innocent and free 🙂

I tickle little toes and chubby thighs and of course sensitive ribs. I use my fingers or feathers to wrench the laughter out. feather tickleSome love the tickling, the out of control insanely sensitive way I can torture you with fun and make you beg mommy to stop. I love this control I have over you and want to tickle you until you wet your diaper. Don’t worry mommy will change you and make it up to you, I promise.

If you like a mommy that will torture you a little but coddle you or discipline you as you need please give me a call. I am with the fabulous team and we do know how to love on our ab-dl lovers. Feel free to call and request me personally for a sweet or spicy playdate.

                                         888-430-2010                       lizabethmmm can’t wait to hear from you, baby.

Mommy Lizabeth



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