Cuckold Mommy Ava, a fetish-looking woman, is posing for pictures.
Show And Tell With Mommy Ava
August 4, 2015
A Feathersnip It had a white tint and was quite lovely.
The Tickling
August 14, 2015

sissy training with candy

Just this morning I was in such a rush to get to the office on time, I completely forgot to pick up the flash drive I put all my reports on. When I ran back in to the house, imagine my surprise when I see my son dressed in my panties and bra, complete with my heels and stockings, looking like complete sissy slut!

A hundred questions ran through my mind for my new found sissy son, but I was already running late. So I left him there in my bedroom applying my lip gloss to his lips, and told him not to change and wait for me to come home.

I went to my morning meeting and had my assistant reschedule my meetings so I could go shopping.

When I got back to the house, I found him in my room still dressed in my panties and bra. He was lying across my bed with his thighs spread wide while rubbing his little pee pee through my panties.

I don’t want you in my clothes anymore honey. I went shopping and I got you age appropriate girl clothes, and I’m about to transform you in to the perfect little sissy baby.

Are you ready for your sissy training with Mommy Candy?

sissy training

sissy phone sex

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