The diaper The diaper-wearing fetishist is standing with the green diaper on.
ABDL Charlie
December 17, 2020
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Alex’s Micro-penis Gets Teased
December 26, 2020

abdl babyMy adult baby diaper lover set his alarm and got up early to make me a delicious and healthy breakfast.  He knew that I am very careful with what eat so he took that into consideration when he prepared me my breakfast. I woke up to the smell of various tantalizing aromas emanating from my kitchen. I walked into the kitchen and everything was ready for me to consume, but there was a little problem. Instead of waiting for me to arrive before he started to eat, he decided to feed himself first and he was eating with one of his feet on top of my kitchen table. I approached him in utter disgust and I told him to get his stinking filthy foot off of the table. Instead of immediately obeying my command, he responded by telling me that he will do it when he was finished eating.  I knew at that very moment that his naughty abdl boy was going to be punished.

I walked over to where he was and took him by his ear and directed him to the floor. He looked afraid and shocked as I told him not to utter a word.  I told him that since he wanted to act as if he was raised by wolves by having his foot on the kitchen table that I would treat him like he does not know any better.  So I took the plate that he was eating and scraped remaining contents into a doggy bowl.  I placed the bowl on the floor and told him to eat out of it like a doggy would.  I told him that since he wants to act as if he does not have proper manners that he will not be given the same rights as one who eats at a table.  He begged me not to make him eat out of the doggy bowl on the floor but all of his pleas and cries were to no avail.

I decided to sweeten the meal by dipping my perfectly painted pretty toes into the bowl and I made him lick his breakfast off of my foot.  Once he licked off his breakfast from my toes, I mushed his face with my foot. I pressed against his face in a moderate manner and I moved my toes all around his nose, cheeks, ears, eyes and lips.  I told him that he forgot to drink the fresh squeezed juice that he made and as he stood on the floor I poured the contents of the cup of juice all over him.  Whatever fell to the floor was what he was allowed to consume.  I laughed at him as he lapped up the freshly squeezed orange juice from the floor.  I took my hand and placed it behind his head while I used his face as a mop to sop up some of the spilled orange juice that was left behind. I reminded him that this is the price he has to pay for being naughty, rude and disrespectful to me this morning.  I insisted that whenever he decides to attempt to be disrespectful to me in the future there will be consequences.

Then I told my diaper lover that the punishment is not over. I walked over to the stove and grabbed the coffee that he also made and opened up his dry diaper and poured it all inside on his small dick and inept testicles.  I laughed as he flinched because the coffee was still hot.  I then made him sit on the cold kitchen floor in the corner with his drenched coffee filled diaper while I ate the deliciously prepared breakfast that he made me. Once I concluded my breakfast, I took off his diaper, grabbed my purse and took out my wooden brush. I took a seat, called him over to get over my knees and I spanked him until his bottom turned the same cherry red color of my lipstick.


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