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Aww, what a cute baby! I had no idea he would be so precious… When I recently became a part of my new husband’s family, I was a little bit nervous. Some people hear the word “stepmom” and paint a mental picture of a wicked witch with the worst intentions. I am strict, and I do not expect any nonsense when it comes to abiding by my rules, even if those naughty little ones do not agree. I am not a ruthless villain out to punish without reason though. When I found out that my stepson was an adult baby, I was so excited! I knew that we would begin to develop a bond like he had never had before. The first time I got to start breastfeeding him, it was such a tender moment. I had started taking medicine to make me lactate just so that I could feed him myself. He crawled up on my lap and pointed at his mouth and then his little belly, and I laughed and pulled my top down for him. He puckered his soft little lips and latched on, sucking away and filling himself up! It was so sweet, I started breastfeeding my ABDLs after that, whenever possible!
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