Sissy Slut for Mommy
August 2, 2015
Training with Candy for Sissies There was a pretty attractive banner design.
Sissy Training My Son
August 12, 2015

cuckold mommy ava

One of my all time favorite adult baby naughty games that I like to play is peek a boo, and hide and go seek. My little baby thinks he is slick, and that I don’t know about how he likes to crawl out of his crib in the middle of the night, and peek in to mommy’s bedroom and watch me undress.

My baby is too little to realize that I can hear the crinkling of his diaper, as he rubs his little pee pee, and peeks from behind my bedroom door. Mommy knows your watching me, so I always put on a little show for my little ABDL.

I know how much my little aby likes to suckle and stare at mommy’s ripe swollen boobies, so I make sure I take off my top and let him get a good long look before I lay across my bed and spread my thighs.

Other babies like to play Mother May I, but Mommy Ava makes her baby ask for what baby wants. Mommy may I play with my pee pee? Hmm well that all depends. Have you been a good baby? You never know Mommy Ava just might say yes!

Do you want to play with Domme Mommy Ava?

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