Baby Diaper, Pink Dildo a pink toy pornographic
Are you ready for your first lesson?
October 2, 2015
There were some females standing at a Sissy Babies with white diapers.
Sissy Poem
October 3, 2015

So I love surprises. I get them so rarely in my life. The first time I walked in to find my boyfriend, at the time, in diapers I was definitely surprised. This was a few years ago and was my first taste of the abdl world. I instantly loved it. I love taking care of him like a baby, being with this diaper lover man. Things didn’t work with him as a boyfriend much longer, but I did continue visiting him as a mommy for a while more.

I love how it feels to help you when you need a change. To clean you and dress you up. I love to make you cloth diapers and other cute things on my sewing machine. If you’re just into diaper then that’s fine with me. I’ll take of you any way you want, though. If you need to be babied I’ll be the mommy you need.

Let Mommy Liz take care of you.


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