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February 11, 2012
February 12, 2012
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Sissy Panty Boys Love ABDL Mommy Star

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Where are all my abie girls? My sissies and panty boys? You know Mommy Star loves you very much. I just love getting calls where I get to take my subs shopping. They love the slips and skimpy dresses and skirts I make them try on. Of course everyone in the store is amused by the sight of you in a little frilly pink dress that is just a little bit too short. Everyone can see your diaper. They’re giggling at you. Uh oh are your cheeks
turning red? What’s wrong my little sissy girl? Are you embarrassed? Look at all those people whispering and pointing at you.. Some are getting their phones out and taking pictures.. Some are just plain out laughing right at you.. Aww poor Sissy baby.
Did you wet yourself? Really? In front of everyone? Well that’s great I guess I’m going to have to change you in front of everyone too huh? Well I think everyone wants to see why your Mommy has you put in a dress. Because your small penis?

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